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Policy Proposals

  • Realizing a True Digital Society in the Post-Coronavirus Era
    ~ Building a Better Japan~

    Proposal 1: Japan should improve an environment that allows all citizens to access the Internet
    Proposal 2: Japan should establish a scheme for personal authentication in the digital society
    Proposal 3: Japan should allocate sufficient human resources and budget to manage the operation of the entire digital social system
    Proposal 4: Japan should ensure the right of all citizens to user education
    Proposal 5: Japan should avoid the pitfalls of pseudo-digital society

    Policy Proposals

JCIC Thinktank Report

  • Set Internal Security Resources at 0.5% or More NEW!

    A DX with Security strategy is essential to promote DX, to increase companies’ productivity and efficiency, and to avoid financial loss. In order to develop and implement your DX with Security strategy, JCIC recommends you follow the approach below ;
    ● Visualize risks using a cyber-risk estimation model
    ● Develop a DX with Security strategy
     - Use a framework to explain the strategy as a story
     - Security investment should be 0.5% or more of consolidated sales revenue
     - Security personnel should be 0.5% or more of the total number of employees
    ● Set security key performance indicators (KPIs) and monitor them regularly

    ・Probable Maximum Loss” cyber-risk estimation model(Excel)

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  • Realizing DX with Security through "Proactive Plus Security Human Resources"

    The "plus security human resources (person with security knowledge)" is a new concept proposed by JCIC. Now, the necessity of this concept has been recognized, and measures and policies for "plus security" are beginning to be discussed in many places. In addition to the necessity of "plus security human resources development," this report delves into the promotion of the visualization of security human resources and stresses the necessity of this. In order to become a competitive company by realizing DX with Security, which is an aggressive IT investment that takes safety into account in order to achieve a safe and secure society, it is essential to have a new way of thinking, "proactive security," which is not only the traditional realization of defense through regulations and prohibitions, but also a promoter of acceleration.

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  • Rebalancing convenience and security to contend with 2025

    Due to the unexpected advent of COVID-19, many companies and organizations had their workers begin working remotely. As a result, the balance between convenience and security was lost. When JCIC conducted interviews and literature surveys to investigate company trends, it discovered great variation in the ways companies thought about convenience and security control. Each company can be classified as one of four types.

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  • Offensive Plus Security Human Resources

    This report illustrates the necessity of "Offensive Plus Security Human Resources " in the DX era. Offensive Plus Security Human Resources (people who know about information security in addition to their digital innovation work) are required rather than deffensive security human resources.

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  • Corporate Cybersecurity Disclosure Report

    Through panel discussion, professional interviews and research, JCIC summarized the key points of corporate cybersecurity disclosure. JCIC concluded that managements' attitude of dealing with cybersecurity is important to disclose. (Only available for Japanese version)

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  • Cybersecurity KPI Model

    This report illustrates “Cybersecurity KPI Model” as our original model to visualize cybersecurity. Cybersecurity KPI Model is able to identify organization's KPIs according to their maturity level and to objectively evaluate performance and to reduce the potential financial impact.
    ・An Example of Cybersecurity KPIs (Japanese) (PDF)

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  • Shortfall of Human Resources and its Solutions: Plus (+) Security Human Resources

    This report illustrated that the often claimed shortage of human resources in the area of information security is not one of security specialists but rather plus security human resources (people who know about information security in addition to their primary tasks).

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  • Quantifying Cyber Risk Survey

    According to our survey, the stock value index declined by an average of 10% from the day on which a data breach was disclosed, and the companies experienced an average decrease of 21% in net profit. Japanese companies should discuss cyber risks as part of their corporate governance.
    - Cyber-risk estimation model "Probable Maximum Loss"(Excel)

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  • Cybersecurity Information Sharing Survey

    Major countries of the world are encouraging the sharing of information on cybersecurity by enacting national cybersecurity laws and regulations. Japan should maintain a close watch on the status of these countries to see whether these laws and regulations enhance their cybersecurity levels and whether public-private partnerships are being conducted in a successful manner.

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